July 29, 2022

Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well. We are still 100% volunteers. Due to most people being affected by the pandemic, I became very busy at my day job at Therapy Now SF where I am an associate professional clinical counselor. Hence, no newsletter last year.

Our activities

In 2020, we spoke to two communities about the community land trust model and gave some guidance about property maintenance and repair. We also explored construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). We found the cost of constructing ADUs in the Bay Area to be too high without using volunteers, which some municipalities make very difficult to do!

During 2021, we:

  • fed the unhoused in the Castro district of San Francisco and under the Central Freeway overpass on 13th Street. We also asked how they felt about building their own homes and receiving mental health support. Some were open to building and most were open to receiving mental health services. None already received mental health support, although the city offers it.
  • received a $20,000 grant from Crossroads Community Church based in Cincinnati, Ohio, who learned about our plans to start an educational workshop and our hopes for building truly affordable homes.
  • established CARE CLT LLC (Creating Affordable Residences for Everyone) community land trust and are preparing to make our first acquisition.

Tiny House Development

This year we partnered with THIMBY (Tiny House In My Backyard) and Tentmakers, Inc. who are building a tiny house on wheels for a low-income household. We are helping achieve their objectives using the tools and input we have. Then we hope to continue to work together creating communities of tiny houses.

Housing for Veterans — We need your help!

The owner of a building in San Joaquin County approached us about their residential building, 100% of which houses veterans. We want to take this building off the market and prevent displacement from real estate speculation. Visit our fundraiser to keep these veterans housed.

Veterans live here!

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