Tiny House in My Backyard

Tiny Houses on Wheels are Legal in Richmond, California!

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Image of THIMBY volunteer with an angle grinder
THIMBY designed and is building a tiny house that is ecologically sustainable.

Tiny House in My Backyard (THIMBY) is a project of Sustainable Housing at California (SHAC), an interdisciplinary group of students at the University of California, Berkeley. Construction is underway—right now, the THIMBY team is building a 240 square foot tiny house on wheels. They are looking for a City of Richmond homeowner to host this THIMBY house in their backyard upon its completion later this year.

The City of Richmond, California, recently renewed an ordinance (No. 07-21 N.S.) creating a pilot project allowing tiny houses on wheels to serve as accessory dwelling units (ADUs). These units will help alleviate the shortage of affordable housing available to low- and middle-income households, as well as working, formerly homeless individuals and small families in search of permanent housing. THIMBY partnered with nonprofits Tentmakers, Inc. and Care Association to complete construction of a “park model” tiny house on wheels and is seeking homeowners who may be interested in hosting the dwelling in their yard.

You can help!

Rendering of THIMBY 3.0 project

You can provide a corner of your yard to help a family have a roof over their heads.  Help create a new kind of affordable housing and join us as the first homeowner to catalyze this movement in Richmond!

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THIMBY 3.0 build day